Chem Plant Equipment

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Chemical Plant Available
* (This is reasonably complete, but probably not exact. )

P.6.06 Gear Pump
P.6.07 Flowmeter
P.15.1 Mixing tank
P.17.1 Mixing tank
P.21.03 2 air tanks
P.21.05 Air screw compressor
P.21.06 Air dryer
P.21.07 Air dryer
P.22.03 Filler 8 heads
P.22.04 Filling station (qty :1x)
P.22.05 Filling station
P.22.07 Box Taper
P.22.08 Box Taper
P.22.09 Box Taper
P.22.12 Rotary Table
P.23.03 Rotary Filler
P.23.04 Capper
P.23.09 Case Packer
P.23.11 Case closer may be use for DEF line on HB
P.23.15 Palletizer
P.23.16 Roll Conveyor
P.23.17 Pallet Wrapper
P.24.06 Capper
P.24.10 Case erector
P.24.12 Case Packer
P.24.13 Case closer
P.24.19 Pallet wrapper
P.24.20 Sensitive labeler (2x on conveyor)
X.28.01 Capper
X.28.04 Accumulation table
X.28.06 BM moulds (Qty : 6)
X.28.09 Rotary table
X.28.10 Carton feeder/erector
P.32.1 Reverse osmosis system
P.37.01 Pump skid
U.42.1 Forklift
U.43.1 Forklift
U.44.1 Forklift

1x 2200Liters HDPE tank on steelframe
13x Diaphram pump (2 & 3 inches)
2x Old meter LC
1x 8 head filler
1x Wepackit case erector Model 300,
4x approx. 12,000liters Plastic tank
2x approx. 6,000liters Plastic tank
4x Lift battery chargers

There is other small equipment, ie: small conveyor, guards, etc
* All have been pulled out and skidded
* Plant is non available on a piece meal basis, client will need to move all from its current warehouse
* location