Filter - HEPA

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Flanders Hepa Filters - 100 available
* Flanders TH Series HEPA/ULPA Filter Modules are
lightweight unitized low profile disposable ducted supply
modules with a minipleat filter pack available in
efficiencies from 99.99% on 0.30 micrometer size particles
to 99.99999% on 0.12 micrometer size particles.
* costed per unit

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-Designed to be suspended over machines or in dust prone areas to remove dust and particles from the air. Dimensions are 4' x 3' x 2', 140 lbs.

- 120 VAC, single phase, 3-wire, 19-AMP full load running

- Air Flow: 5,000 cubic feet per minute

- Various grades of filter media may be chosen to target different types of airborne particulate, thereby accommodating a variety of industrial scenarios — wherever airborne dust is a concern.

- Performance and airflow remain constant throughout the year without degradation.

- No components ever require cleaning.